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I am Jules Philippe Tusseau. I was born in 1987 in Paris, France. My passion for photography arises from explorative expeditions performed across Europe, Oceania and South & Central America. I'm currently living in La Paz, Bolivia.

In 2010, I went to Australia where I worked and travelled for almost a year. In 2011, I packed up my gears and adventurous spirit and went on discovering the Baltic countries and beautiful Russian places. During that time, I have also extensively roamed across Scandinavian territories.
However, I have always been attracted by South-American landscapes, people and culture. Since I was in search of an authentic country where culture and traditions were deeply anchored, Bolivia immediately, and quite naturally, seduced my eyes and heart. After two years living in La Paz, from November 2011 until October 2013, I felt the urge to pursue my personal exploration of this magnificent continent and thus headed to Costa Rica where I settled for a year.
I have now returned to La Paz where I will stay for some time. Since street portraits, landscapes and mountaineering are becoming some of my photographic specialties, Bolivia represents the perfect playground for me.

My photographic skills gradually developed during my numerous adventures, in other words: I am an autodidact.

Please feel free to contact me anytime; I would be more than happy to hear your comments and feelings about my work, if you wish to purchase some of my work or are interested in developing collaborative projects.



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